How to purchase sex doll privately?

Nov 09 2018

With the social development, more and more people are alone. Most of them have trouble how to find a soul mate.

Based on this situation,many companies researched and developed sex dolls which can meet people desire. They can take sex doll home and enjoy privately.


Now many people also are very curious that how to purchase sex doll privately?

It is very easy. In ancient, Areas and time is very diffult for people to buy something.But now it is high-tech era. E-commerce is more and more developed, the most famous ones are Amazon,Ebay,Alibaba. Logistics across national borders, it is more easy to transport something.


For Example, when you log in Alibaba account,search sex doll, there will be many lists come out,you can click what you want, then buy it.


Usually company will pack it by carton secretly and nothing written on package. It is big box inside with sponge.


DHL,FedEx, UPS will be very good. They will deliver it to your address.


If you also have any quesiton need to ask,pls feel free to contact me!


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